X Defend Gear Stick Lock R380 for Land Rover Defender - Pedal Locks

X Defend Gear Stick Lock R380 for Land Rover Defender

  • £70.00

Security Gear Stick lock for R380 Gearboxes (300Tdi & Later). Secures vehicle in High range: 5th gear.

The X-Defend Gear stick lock is to fit R380 gearboxes (300 Tdi & Td5). Although similar in appearance to the 'crook lock' type locks for other vehicles, this is a different animal. It's made from high strength 3.25mm wall CDS Tube (same as Roll Cages) and are fitted with the best quality British made Lowe & Fletcher lock barrels. The locks are hardened, anti-pick and anti drill Radial Pin Tumbler (RPT) type. The locks are a lot more expensive than some of the ones available - but we felt that there is no point in making a security product and fitting a poor quality lock!

Fitting is quick & easy. The two halves use a bayonet arrangement to twist and lock round the gear-stick and transfer lever, securing the vehicle in 3rd or 5th gear, High Range. The kit is supplied with a security nut to prevent the gear stick being unbolted from the gearbox and a lock nut to prevent the transfer lever knob from being pulled off.To lock, you simply engage the bayonets on the two gear sticks, twist the two tubes in opposite directions and push the lock barrel. The tubes will lock in three different length positions to accomodate the variations between one vehicle and another. The lock will only fit if the gear lever is in the factory position. If you have rotated the lever, it may not fit - but it's easy to rotate the lever back to the original position.

If your Reverse gear is below 5th - this Gear Lock will fit your vehicle. If your Reverse Gear is next to 1st gear you need the LT77 Version.

NOTE This will not fit Puma / Tdci vehicles, OR vehicles fitted with a slickshift. If in doubt please get in touch first.