Wingtop bonnet release cable guard

  • £25.00

Introducing the new Bonnet DEFENDER,

Puma TDCI bonnet thefts are on the rise, due to their high value and desirability.

People steal the bonnet by unscrewing the vent lid on the drivers side wing and pulling the bonnet release cable before simply walking away with your £600 bonnet.

We have reconstructed the theft on security cameras to show you the sub 30 seconds it takes to steal your bonnet.

Please look at our video to see the problem and solution!

Our engineered vent protector prevents thieves from accessing the bonnet cable by blocking the entrance way with anti-tamper fasteners, as well as its rigid stainless structure.

Our blanking plate allows the vehicle to remain completely standard aesthetically, but prevents all engine bay thefts including vehicle entrance through the engine bay.

Fitment is very simple, and requires a 5mm drill bit and drill, a rivet gun and a + screwdriver.



Orders are posted out with a next day delivery courier once marked as shipped

Please note you are buying a quality engineered product which has taken time to design and perfect, it is not a Chinese 'half a job'


Thanks for looking, and all the best with your defender security