Trackstar CAT 5 - Discovery Tracker - Trackers

Trackstar CAT 5 - Discovery Tracker

  • £1,099.00

Trackstar Cat 5 Vehicle Tracker As fitted and approved by Land Rover...

The Trackstar Cat 5 tracker is approved by Land Rover and is the ultimate in theft prevention for your Discovery.

  • Land Rover Approved 
  • Insurance Approved
  • Maintain Factory Warranty 
  • Uses GPS & GSM
  • Motion Sensor
  • Key Theft Protection
  • Global Coverage 
  • Battery Back Up
  • Mobile fitting Service (Prices include installation)
  • Thatcham Approved Engineers
  • Thatcham Approved Tracker
  • Free Recovery to your home address
  • Free Smartphone App enabling on demand location reporting.

The Trackstar Cat 5 Tracker Approved by Land Rover uses a slim line wireless tag paired to the insurance approved cat 5 tracker inside your Discovery. If this tag is not present upon starting the Discovery engine, the Trackstar Cat 5 Tracker silently sends an alarm as the vehicle is driven away. The Trackstar high security 24/7 monitoring centre will then call the driver of the Discovery to establish if there is a theft situation, and if so, communicate with the Trackstar Cat 5 unit hidden inside your Discovery using its GPS & GSM link. This will enable trackstar to track the vehicle to within 1 meter of its exact location, anywhere, Globally.

The tag feature is designed to address 'key theft' and ensures that the owner along with the Police are notified at the earliest opportunity of a possible theft.

Crucially the Police can authorise Trackstar to imobilise the vehicle via remote command, sent from the trakcstar remote monitoring centre. Thus allowing the safest and quicket recovery of your Discovery. 

The record for recovery by Trackstar is 8 minutes...

Vehicle theft is unfortunately a fact of life these days, and is increasing year on year at the moment. With the increasing levels of sophistication in car/key theft mean that you never know when you might be targeted.

Vehicle theft is as costly and frustrating as it is distressing, with a CAT 5 tracker installed you vastly improve any chances of recovering your Discovery.

A subscription is payable on this device, options are:

  • 1 Year subscription £198.00
  • 3 Year subscription £549.00


How does the system work?

  1. When it is clear that your Land Rover has been stolen, a constant signal is sent from the vehicle to the Control Centre. The in-vehicle unit provides your Land Rover’s exact location, speed and direction using GPS positioning.
  2. The Control Centre is manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If your Land Rover is stolen, it will immediately contact the police in the area with regular updates on the vehicle’s location.
  3. Once the police have secured your Land Rover it can be returned to you free of charge.
  4. Access powerful tracking features with the Trackstar App for Android and iOS.

Insurance Approved

Land Rover Trackstar CAT 5 is an insurance approved security product, accredited by Thatcham Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre. You might be entitled to a discount on your insurance by having it fitted to your Land Rover or Range Rover.

Monitor your vehicle with the Trackstar App, the Stolen Vehicle Tracking App for Android and IOS.

The Trackstar App provides Trackstar customers with powerful functions to complement the Trackstar tracking system, such as:

Vehicle Location: Will show you the last known location of the vehicle, normally where the vehicle was parked.

Geofencing: Enables a Trackstar customer to define a location and receive an email alert if the vehicle is moved outside of the geofence.

Journey History: Provides a view of recent journeys.

Journey Replay: Allows the customer to replay a recent journey, showing the position of the vehicle and its speed for the duration of the journey. The app is now available and is downloadable from iTunes and Google Playstore.

  1. Place the order through the site or by calling us on 01489 630024
  2. We will request full vehicle info via email, and come back to you with date options to install the tracker, generally within 7 days.
  3. Have the tracker installed by a regulated thatcham engineer.
  4. This will be tested by the engineer upon installation, and then you are able to track the Land Rover using the user friendly app.


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