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Vehicle Tracker - Tracker Retrieve

  • £368.00

Tracker Retrieve

The Tracker retrieve has been specifcally developed to protect assets used less, or that are unpowered. It will avoid draining the battery of a lesser used asset, as it is completely stand alone.

The unit is easy to fit, and can be used on all kinds of vehicles, for example quad bikes, horse boxes, trailers, and catering vans as well as classic/weekend cars, and vintage motorbikes.

This battery powered version uses the TRACKER’s unique and patented digital VHF technology for fast and effective recovery of your stolen vehicle.

Battery Powered TRACKER Retrieve features:

  • Patented VHF technology that can track stolen vehicles even when they are concealed in containers, lock-ups or underground car parks
  • Long battery life with up to 5 years standby
  • Can be installed easily in vehicles or hired assets
  • Offers high tech tracking that is not affected by signal jammers
  • Nationwide support from the UK police force
  • Tracking coverage throughout the UK, France, Spain, Poland, Italy, Holland and Luxembourg

ALL prices are bundle prices, if you wish to buy 'top up' years following the initial purchase, these have to be done through Tracker UK, and are charge at:

£149 for one year
£649 for five years

However if bought through LRD Security today, this is significantly cheaper...