TMD Security bolts set

  • £99.00

With many accessories and fittings exposed to theft on the outside of a defender, only held on by bolts, this kit is a must have to add to the many layers of security that are required on Defenders. This kit will fit all Defender 90 & 110 Models. It includes the all important security screws for the headlamp surrounds and grills to prevent this being a weak spot...

The Bolts are A2 Stainless steel and then PX3 Chemically Coated Black, to give fantastic corrosion prevention characteristics.

All Bolts & Screw heads are Pin Allen for additional security, which has been chosen over the security Torx. The kit is supplied in a plastic box with compartments to separate each Individual item, and ensure the easiest of fitting.

The Kit Contains the Following:-

  • Bonnet Screws
  • Wing Top Intakes & Side Vent Intake
  • Lenses & Reflectors
  • Front Hinge to Bulkhead Screws
  • Grill & Headlamp Surround Screws
  • Front Hinge to Door Screws
  • Rear Electrics Panel Cover Screws
  • Rear Door Screws
  • Crossmember to Tub Screws, Nuts & Washers
  • Driver bits, to fit all the screws and bolts.
  • The 110 kits, have the addition of the middle door bolts included.