Synthetic Teak Deck for Land Rover Load Bay

  • £400.00
  • Save £60

Synthetic Deck decking for Land Rover cargo bay.

The Synthetic Teak decking system we use is:

  • Very hard wearing
  • Maintenance free
  • Anti slip
  • Easy to rejuvenate with a high pressure washer
  • Comes as a complete kit to fit

We can design it to fit your requirements, if you want a Land Rover logo in the decking then let us know and we will incorporate it. Because of this semi custom nature, we are currently only doing this as a special order item, so will take 2 weeks of handling time to get it to our customers.

We can make this in traditional wooden/teak colours to mimic a classic look, or we can make it in more contemporary colours to suit the individual taste of our customers.

Currently this is only sold as a kit to self install, so what will be included, is a deck as per your requirements, and Sikaflex to bond down to the surface of your loadbay. You will need to prepare the surface by sanding it down, degreasing, then using the sikflex, bonding the ordered panel in place.