Steering column lock protector - Wheel Security

Steering column lock protector

  • £80.00

One thing that is common to a lot stolen Land Rovers, especially the older ones, is that the column steering lock, has been forced. It is normally broken by removing the lock barrel as this is surprisingly quick – the vehicle can then often be started with a screwdriver.

This neat solution is a sleeve for the lock barrel assembly machined out of steel. It is strong enough to prevent the barrel being removed or the end broken off. The best thing about this solution is it’s completely passive – i.e. nothing to lock or unlock. It stays permanently fitted to the vehicle providing 24 hour protection and deterrent value. The column lock will fit all Defenders LHD or RHD – up to 2014, including Puma/Tdci.

If you have an MOD Land Rover then this is not necessary, as they don't have wheel locks.