Vehicle Tracker - Skytag

  • £129.99

Skytag vehicle tracker

We have found the Skytag tracker is one of the best trackers at the affordable end of the market.

Skytag is a proven, comprehensive stolen vehicle location service that can locate and track your vehicle anywhere in the World, within metres.

The Skytag monitoring system is one of the only systems to provide direct Police access to live, real time location data. This unique feature speeds up the recovery process and enables the Police to monitor the vehicle from a distance, reducing the chance of a high speed chase and damage to your vehicle.

The Skytag relies upon a subscription, the three options are below, please specify which package you would like at point of order, and we will arrange this through Skytag for you, after the free initial three months is up, which is included in every package

Standard Tracking £6.99 per month

  • Standard service includes battery disconnect alerts, tracker battery low power alert
  • Monthly health check and email notification.
  • Worldwide coverage.
  • 24 hour crime line with police liaison to recover your vehicle.

Active monitoring £10.99 per month

  • Standard service plus active movement alerts."Leisuresafe" is designed for leisure vehicles which are used 2-3 times a week, "LeisureSafe" is fully automatic with no requirement to remember to turn on or off. A bespoke zone is created where the vehicle is normally stored.
  • If the vehicle moves out of this zone during the protected hours, alerts are sent direct to your mobile phone, your landline, text and email. "NightSafe" is designed for everyday use vehicles where you need protection during the vulnerable night hours.
  • Using a zone similar to "LeisureSafe" the system alerts leaving the "Safe Zone" during the armed period.

Live Tracking £12.99 per month

  • Live Tracking has all the features of the active monitoring service with the addition of user designed zones, speed alerts and the ability to log in from any internet enabled device and see the vehicle updated every 5 mins with the ignition wired installation, or every 20 mins with standard fitting.
  • "Liveview" service includes unlimited email alerts and 10 direct telephone alerts per week.