Rough-Parts Gull wing Window Inserts

  • £975.00

ROUGH PARTS hinged windows...

These are fabricated meticulously out of stainless steel, then powder coated black.

The gull wings have been designed to be fitted inside a roll cage too if they are fitted to your Land Rover Defender.

The complete kit includes stainless steel frame, complete with all mounting hardware, two high quality dampers, three Southco hinges, and southco locks. The kit includes all stainless steel fasteners and anti seize paste

ROUGH PARTS kits are built exclusively in Switzerland, the the high quality one might expect from Switzerland. Ever component is subjected to ROUGH PARTS exacting standards.

The airline fitting inside and and inside frame are available seperately.

The price includes UK VAT. Delivery is based on one item, please get in touch if you are buying multiple ROUGH PARTS components.