RFID Pouch - Keyless Theft product

RFID Pouch

  • £5.99

Defender Signal Blocker with Police Preferred Specification

Innovative new product that combats both car crime and dangerous driving, as featured on BBC News and Rip Off Britain and reviewed by AutoExpress. The Defender Signal Blocker can be used for mobile phones and car fobs and has achieved the coveted Secured By Design Police Preferred Specification.

Car Crime

Simply store car key fobs in the signal blocking pouch and seal. This will instantly stop the transmission of the signal from the car key, preventing thieves from being able to ‘boost’ it. Made from RPF™ material, a unique material developed exclusively for Solon Security.

Dangerous Driving

A mobile phone can be stored in the Defender Signal Blocker and when sealed, the phone will be unable to receive calls, messages or notifications. This prevents distractions while driving and blocks temptation for drivers to check their phone while behind the wheel. Once removed from the pouch, all missed calls and notifications will pull through within 30 seconds. 

Available in black, grey or red