Mudstuff Under Cubby Locker

  • £104.99

The MUD Under Cubby box locker...

The very convenient under cubby locker adds an extra 11 litres of internal storage to the cubby box.

This is perfect for securing high value items in, like tablets, phones and small notebook computers securely, out of sight.

This extra piece of secure storage is very quickly and easily installed underneath the standard cubby box of your Land Rover Defender. It adds a very easy access discreet, secure storage to your Land Rover Defender which otherwise wouldn't be used to its full extent. Furthermore it raises the cubby box, so allows you to use it more comfortably as an armrest.

There are two variants of the under cubby locker. A hinging version, which will rest against the bulkhead when open. There is also a sliding version which pushes the entire box back into the second row footwell.

The hinging cubby box, is the version to choose if you have a load space bulkhead, for example in a standard Defender 90, or 110 Hardtop, without the bulkhead removal bar.

The sliding version, should be chosen for use in 110's and 130's with a second row of seating.


  • The under cubby box, now comes with an improved lock, which can also be bought seperately too. (For those who have the older version fitted.)
  • Each under cubby box comes with two divider panels, so that you can add compartments, to allow you to customise exactly how you want it arranged. The box also comes with rubber matting on the base.
  • The under cubby Box also comes with three pre drilled holes to add 12v or USB power sources. The box comes with blanking plugs in case you don't need to fit the power sources. Power sockets are not provided, but can be purchased on our store too.
  • The sliding version of the Under Cubby Box uses top quality Accuride stainless-steel drawer slides that run on ball bearings for smooth running. With the benefit that they are rattle free too. These sliders lock out in the fully extended position, for ease of use, and to stop trapping fingers!
  • The extra height of the Under Cubby Box, provides a more convenient arm rest position
  • Each Under Cubby Box, comes complete with a fixing kit
  • The loadspace bulkhead on the Defender ultimately limits how far the hinging MUD Cubby-Box Locker will tilt backwards. Other factors are the height of the cubby-box (especially on aftermarket boxes) and whether you have a bulkhead removal bar installed. It is likely that the use of the MUD Cubby-Box Locker will be restricted to occasional use so feel this is a compromise worth making for the extra storage the product provides.
  • The MUD Cubby Box Locker will not fit in Truck Cab models.

Will my aftermarket Cubby Box fit onto the Cubby Box Locker Top Panel?

Due to the vast amount of aftermarket Cubby Box's would be impossible for us to definitively say that the MUD Cubby Box Locker will fit every aftermarket cubby box created. Refer to the following dimensions to find out whether the base of your cubby is compatible with the MUD Cubby Box Locker top plate


  • Sliding Locker top plate. 407 x 294mm
  • Hinging Locker top plate: 410 x 277mm
  • The MUD Cubby Box Locker is 109mm Deep.


The MUD Cubby-box Locker will not work with the latest factory fit sub-woofer installed on the back of a cubby-box without some form of modification to the sub-woofer wiring harness.

Please Note:

The Under Cubby box, has been designed to fit standard factory cubby box options. The position of bolt holes may vary depending on the age of the Defender. MudStuff have tried to accommodate all of those variations found when they developed the product, however, you may find you need to elongate the fixing holes in some vehicles especially when fitted with aftermarket cubby-boxes or where a vehicle has had a centre seat or document tray replaced with a cubby-box.