MOMO Standard Hub kit - Steering Wheel Security

MOMO Standard Hub kit

  • £69.99

The MOMO Standard hub kit...

This is the hub required for the fitment of our MOMO steering wheels.

We currently have stock of two types of MOMO steering wheel, but can get hold of the entire range if you see something else that MOMO do.

This is designed to maintain the original steering wheel position with a flat dished steering wheel, it is also possible to be used with the quick release boss system that we stock for added flexibility.

Steering wheel boss to allow fitment of MOMO steering wheels to the Land Rover Defender with a 36 and 48 spline steering shaft.

Please note that different model Defenders have different splined shafts so it is highly recommended that you physically count the number of splines on your vehicle before ordering. We have to do it this way, as the changeover year from Land Rover is not precise, so we would like to ensure you get the correct product to avoid disappointment.