Mechlock Clutch Locking Mechanism

  • £549.00

The Mechlock System...

The Mechlock or MLS is a patented and proven anti-theft system.

Currently it is sold worldwide and LRD Security is a dealer for it in the UK. The Mechlock has Thatcham P2, P3 and H3 approval.  The designer of the Mechlock wanted to produce a system that actually stopped the theft from occuring rather than an alarm that could be easily bypassed, or generally ignored as a nuisance alarm. The designer realised that physically preventing the car being driven away was the best solution to anti-theft, so looked into isolating the hydraulic or pneumatic system. This very simple idea has seen MLS not only survive, but grow substantially since its inception. Widely used on plant machinery, it has very easily been adopted by Land Rover enthusiasts to secure their Defenders, Mechlock is installed on the clutch system on Land Rovers. This obviously prevents the gears from being engaged, so the gearbox stays in the neutral position. Once the key is replaced in the Mechlock everything goes back to normal.

It is also possible to buy an immobiliser that works in conjunction the Mechlock. With this installed you cannot start the engine without engaging the Mechlock first. This also ties in with a "buzzer alarm” that reminds you to activate MLS when you leave your car. Once activated there is an LED light that flashes on and off telling you that your MLS is working properly.