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Keyless Protector

  • £140.00

The Keyless Protector

A fantastic, revolutionary product to protect your keyless vehicle, Range Rover or Discovery from the threat of relay attacks. Relay attacks are continually on the rise. 

Criminals use antenna devices to boost the signal from keys, as can be seen in the video below on a BMW. Its possible to trick the key into thinking its within proximity and also that its in the vehicle so it is possible to simply drive the vehicle away... in as little as 30 seconds.

The equipment used for relay attacks requires no forcible entry, and can be bought for very little, making this a very profitable and low risk crime.

The keyless protector will easily protect from the kind of theft shown above. The advanced technology, ultra-thin circuit board that wraps around the vehicle remote key battery, it works automatically.

The way it works

  • The keyless protector works automotically by detedting when the key is not in use, and subsequently blocks the signal.
  • This then stops any potential for a relay theft. Reactivating the key is as simple as a double tap of the key where ever its located. 
  • Once activated all vehicle functionality resumes, start/ stop keyless ignition, and also keyless entry.
  • Keyless protector keeps all the convenience of the keyless technology, and eliminates the risk of relay attacks too.

Automated Protection
Convenient and Easy to use
Safe and Secure
Fast and Simple Installation
Fits Most Manufacturers

The sizes are to suit the following batteries:
Small: All 20mm diameter batteries like the CR2032 and CR2025
Large: All 24mm diameter batteries like the CR2450 and CR2430
Please check the size of remote battery before purchase. The battery will have its size stamped on it, the first two numbers after CR refer to size/diameter in millimetres