Disklok Steering wheel lock

  • £124.99

The Disklok...

This is the strongest and most visible way to immobilise your steering wheel.

It is a full cover steering wheel lock, and has been proven time and again to be the most effective on the market.

The award winning Disklok has a long and proven history of outstanding performance, tried and tested against would-be car thieves and professional security testers. It is made entirely of steel, covering the entire wheel, and especially in yellow, makes the Disklok a highly visible deterrent. The Disklok has a fantastic reputation for the attack times it has achieved, outlasting every other steering wheel lock on the market today.

Something particularly unique about the Disklok is its ability to spin on the wheel when attacked, which ultimately prevents steering of the car, but also prevents damage to the steering wheel lock, a particularly weak point in any Defender. It also acts as a good additional deterrent of electronic theft of modern vehicles.

Disklok is the leading company for steering wheel protection this statement is based on selling the Disklok for over 20 years successfully! Disklok has won awards from Auto Express.

It has continually come out on top in any test it is included in. These tests, judge on both, value for money and the best attack time...