Defender Full Body Bolt kits

  • £59.99

Full body bolt kits for the Defender

Bearing in mind a lot of aftermarket products get bolted on to our defenders, we have put together a kit to replace current mild steel screws to stainless and also with a security head to them as well... Its a great kit for those who have fitted Wipac light and other modifications on Defenders.

Our kit coupled with the door bolt kits is the most comprehensive available, and includes the following:

  • Air intake (not for standard air intakes, but aftermarket products)
  • Wing top vents.
  • Front grille (kit includes aircon or non air con options as standard)
  • Headlight surrounds 
  • Front & Rear Side lights & Indicators.
  • Interior Front seat rails.
  • Rear cross member bolts. (These aren't security bolts).
  • Front bumper bolts & Washers.
  • Mudflap - mudflap bracket bolts, nuts and washers (These aren't security bolts)
  • Front Grille fascia/slam panel.

Also, take a look at the Door bolt security kit for additional security to do with them as well...