Centinel C1 Security Post

  • £160.00

The CENTINEL C1 post...

This was designed as an anti-ram device.

The post obviously prevents thefts from the driveway, without a Hiab. Folding posts are very useful as a visual deterrent, but offer nothing to protect against the professional thief or from direct ramming.

Key aspects of the C1 Security Post

  • Maintenance free
  • The base plate fits flush with the ground
  • Separate base plates available, so that the post can be used in different locations
  • Keyed alike multiple posts available on request
  • The lock is drill and pick resistant
  • Locates and locks into base seconds (Paramount in bad weather!)
  • Base fits only 18″ below ground (avoiding mains cables and pipework, unlike telescopic posts!)
  • Does not use easily attackable padlocks
  • Accepted by all major insurance companies
  • Stops thieves using your drive as a loading bay

The CENTINEL C1 security post has been established for over ten years and one of the key things to note is that the manufacturer boasts a ZERO REPORTED THEFT RATE. This peace of mind comes from a post that requires no maintenance and can be located and locked in a matter of seconds.

Integrally designed and fitted the lock is located at the top of the post. Locate and lock!

The lock has been given a CEN 5 rating, which is the highest E.E.C. security rating, it is drill and pick resistant with a restricted profile key-way, which means that the key cannot be copied by any other locksmith.

Upon turning the key a 10mm cam is located into a very highly engineered locking block. This is an incredibly secure way to design this kind of lock, and crucially no pressure is placed on the lock itself.

The Centinel C1 is also the only security post with a 5mm wall thickness on a diagonal, which means that the C1 is equal in strength to a wall thickness of 10mm. This ultimately weighs less and is extremely strong especially in a ramming situation.