Bulldog BW600 Steering wheel lock - Interior Security

Bulldog BW600 Steering wheel lock

  • £79.99

Bulldog BW600 Steering Wheel Lock

A great alternative to the Disklok

Suitable for use on standard Land Rover steering wheels (Please enquire for aftermarket wheels) BW600 is quick and easy to use and locks in place without the use of a key.

  • Drill and pick resistant lock.
  • Robust construction.
  • Highly Visible.
  • Department of Transport Approval.
  • Inside diameter of steering wheel rim. Min 320mm- Max 450mm approx.
  • 4.1kg (Overall length 780mm)

LRD Recommends

The Disklok is a more secure (But more expensive) way to secure your wheel.

Alternatively look into the removable wheel options you will need to buy an optimill quick release boss and a Momo wheel. This can also make use of the swivel lock, for more security.