'ardcase Pedal Lock and Safe Bundle

  • £220.00

The ‘ardcase bundle

This ardcase bundle is a great way of saving money.

We sell the pair for £5 less than if you bought them separately, plus you will only have to pay for postage once...

Currently it is available in the following Defender model variants, 200 TDi, 300 TDi, TD5, TDCi. However, please enquire about other models if you have a different Defender/Series Vehicle.

LRD Recomends

If you're looking at this pedal lock, please also consider the 'ardcase on its own, or the 'ardercase.

On top of the 'ardcase the pedalpin can also be fitted...

Have a series Land Rover? The custom 'ardcase will be the product you need to add security.