‘ardcase Pedal Lock

  • £155.00

The 'Ardcase Pedal lock...

The ‘ardcase is one of the easiest to use Pedal Locks on the market

The 'ardcase takes moments to fit and can be stored very easily in your Land Rover Defender, especially when used in conjunction with the ardsafe. If you don’t have the ‘ardsafe, it sits very neatly in the Land Rover Defender dashboard, or behind the seat (On 90's and 110 hardtops), to ensure it doesn't move around while driving. It only weighs 2.5kg, so is very easy to handle.

In terms of how effective the ‘ardcase is, it has been extensively attack tested by the team at ‘ardcase using heavy duty power tools in a workshop, and they couldn’t break it open...

We also do a custom 'ardcase, we will just need to get the dimensions following your order. Please select 'custom' in the drop down menu and we'll be in touch.

The series model in the drop down is also a semi custom option meaning these two will take a little while to ship due to the modifications required to make them fit properly.