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Adrenalin 4x4 Pedal Lock

  • £109.99

The Adrenalin 4x4 pedal lock

A great, cheaper pedal lock, that covers all of the pedals, and has an end plate too to prevent all access to the pedals and pedal arms. This is the very first pedal box designed for the Land Rover, and is excellent in its simplicity to use. It also has a flashing LED to make sure its possible to see what is fitted in the footwell, in the dark.

There is an Adrenalin 4x4 pedal lock for all RHD models from 1983 to brand new models. Please pick from the drop down menu which car you have to order the correct one for your Land Rover. 

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If considering this as an option, look at the Pedal pin, the Pedal pin, priced a little cheaper still, is even more convenient...

This is a bit bigger than the other pedal locks we provide, however it is also more secure, but please consider this while thinking about purchasing.

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