Defender Alarm BBUS Alarm relocation Loom

  • £65.99

The BBUS (Battery Back Up Sounder)Relocation loom...

The BBUS for the alarm on Defenders is located in a very vulnerable position behind the headlight, as can be seen in one of the pictures.

This kit enables you to move the alarm sounder somewhere more discreet, using factory fitted plugs, with no soldering required.

A lot of thieves know exactly where the alarm is located on the new 'Puma' and td5 Defenders, as such they can very quickly and easily disable it, giving them much more time to steal parts from the Land Rover Defender or worse still, the entire Defender itself.

We have found an extension loom that enables you to move the Battery Backup Sounder from its standard location to a safe, inaccessible location, making it harder for thieves to get access to it. With the added benefit that less damage will occur to the BBUS when wading.

If your earlier vehicle is not fitted with a BBUS, it is possible to configure this option within your 10AS (td5 series Defenders) security module via post or on an exchange basis, at the same time it is also possible to add central locking to a non-central locking 10AS along with other security functions.

Please note, the kit doesn't include the alarm sounder.